Reasons for Booking Through Bus Companies NY

thumbMore and more individuals as well as corporations are discovering how easy booking a charter bus excursion for group travel can be. Utilizing the services of bus companies, NY destinations as well as nationwide, can save money as well as time.

There are numerous reasons to book a charter bus through one of the top rated bus companies. NY has a huge number of sightseeing, historical and entertainment reasons to take a group out on a charter bus.

Safety and customer satisfaction is why we're chosen over other bus companies. NY isn't the only destination we service, anywhere in the United States we can get your group to and from any destination and do so in comfort and style. Our charter buses come with state-of-the-art sound systems as well CD players, DVD players, restroom facilities and even leather upholstery and Pergo floors on some bus models.

Economy is another reason our company comes out ahead of other bus companies. Fuel prices are at an all time high and companies as well as social groups have really felt the pinch for paying for travel. Caravaning is no longer economical and air travel is also out due to unreliability and high ticket prices.

Anyone needing to plan outing in NY for the day or night will love the ease of using a charter bus. Your guest list for your bachelor or bachelorette party can get larger than you intended and instead of whittling down your party list, why not rent a bus for the evening and enjoy a night out with your friends that lets everyone enjoy the time together? Best of all, we provide the designated driver to take your party to and from all stops in NY.
There are no hassles with parking and no one has to play designated driver.

If you have a corporate event, seminar or meeting, you can save your company money and ensure everyone makes the meeting on time by booking through our bus companies. NY is just one of the many states our services cover and we can get a group of any size to your destination in comfort and style.

If you need to get your group to NY or travel within the great state of NY, consider the flexibility, safety and comfort of choosing our bus companies. NY and beyond await your group, call us today to get going on your charter bus excursion.

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Oct 17, 2013 - Shopping for A Personal Scent

When it comes to perfumes, everyone wants to smell differently and have that one special scent. And in New York, where there is a manicurist in every corner, you can decide not to buy off-the-shelves perfumes but conjure up a scent that is uniquely yours instead. Here are a few places where you can get your New York charter bus driver to take you to distil your very own fragrance that is customised just for you and you alone.

Scenterprises ltd
Located on 220 E. 65th St, Scenterprises is a heaven for scent lovers. Sue Philips, the founder of Scenterprises, will take her clients through an experience to remember be it for events, seminars and individual appointments. She personally takes you through all the scents available from the heady, sweet, fruity or fabulous smell of top, middle and base-notes. You will be given a chance to mix and match your personal scent from your pick of 18 different distinctive and luscious notes such like amber, herbal and green. The end result differs for each individual and will be customised just like how you like it. The price range you would expect for an affordable, luxury custom scent would be between $50 - $185 depending on size. Lifetime refills would cost about $50. Make sure you make an appointment with Scenterprises before asking your New York charter bus to lead you there.

The Fragrance Shop New York
This shop located on 65 E. 4th St focuses on natural compounds to make its perfumes. There are more than 300 oils stocked up here at this shop ranging from spicy to sweet and floral. The end result of your personalised fragrance here would cost approximately between $28 - $69 depending on the type of oils you choose. If you want to try something safer, The Fragrance Shop New York also has its own floral signature scent for women for sale.

Herbal Alchemy
This special place can only be visited by appointment only. Founded by herbalist Julianne Zaleta, this place stocks special oils made from flowers and plants picked and foraged by Zaleta herself. In your appointment with her, she will guide you on your special private journey to discover your own personal fragrance in a small and intimate process of choosing more than 100 essential oils and organic ingredients where a bottle of ΒΌ ounce perfume cost $125.


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